The Humble Housewife

My mother was a housewife.  It was easier and more affordable for her to stay home with all of us kids.  We started caring for foster babies when I was young so there were no less than five of us at any given time.  The home was her domain and everything was tidy and clean and healthy supper … More The Humble Housewife

Homestead Revival

  Exciting things are underway. A homestead revival is here to stay. Pumpkin Hollow Farm has an announcement, you know, once the paper is signed, photos I will show. Very big news is coming tomorrow…  

A Simple Life

We were at our favorite Celtic festival this weekend.  For two days we step back in time.  We feel a swell of pride and odd recognition as we hear the familiar bag pipes sound.  Outfits of different eras swish in the morning air through the woods.  We find our clan (Mackay) and bid everyone well.  … More A Simple Life

The Evolution of a Homestead and the Original Carryall

Five and a half years of writing about farming and homesteading.  Almost a thousand readers.  Full circle.  I am peaceful as I write this.  The sun is behind the large walnut tree, filtering its light through the dense branches highlighting the herbs and flowers on the medicine gardens.  My front porch rocker is comfortable and … More The Evolution of a Homestead and the Original Carryall

Footprints ‘Cross the Floor (the fallacy of the clean farmhouse)

Now I said it with my mom voice.  You know the mom voice?  Even if the kids grow up and move out the voice still finds its way around. “No shoes in the house!” I says.  Best mom voice. No…(pause)…shoes in the…(pause)…house pleease! Now I am married to an independent man but one that likes … More Footprints ‘Cross the Floor (the fallacy of the clean farmhouse)

Beautiful Pueblo

Our city has a bad reputation.  It has for as long as I remember growing up in Denver.  It was ranked one of the most dangerous cities to live in.  Some of the locals scratch their heads and wonder where they get their numbers from.  Some want to move to greener pastures…like California.  Because of … More Beautiful Pueblo


It is about now that I start wanting my house guest to leave. “Winter,” I say, “Old Chap, is there anywhere else you need to be soon?” He shakes his head through gales of frost. I put on another cup of coffee.  Put another log on the fire. The cold crops go in the ground … More Wintertide

Emergency Preparedness with Apple Juice Jugs (storing water)

Two dilemmas solved. This is the time of year for jugs of apple cider and apple juice.  I love apple juice and cider, but those glorious glass jugs in the recycling bin seem such a waste.  I will save a few for wine making next year but there will still be empty glass jugs.  Other … More Emergency Preparedness with Apple Juice Jugs (storing water)