Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

I reread the first year of this blog from 2012. I was so full of curiosity and hope. My posts were funny and lighthearted. That was nearly eight years ago. I have written about everything from canning…everything, to farming where one oughtn’t and how, from farm animals to a diary of sorts of our journeys over eight years. Thank you to all of you who have been reading for so many years. A writer is better with readers!

Well, as we head into winter, I am switching gears for the time being. I feel like I have made Farmgirl School a soapbox (and not in a good way) and am starting to repeat myself. It doesn’t have the same funny vibe or any new information, really. (You can write anything regarding homesteading into the Search tab of this blog and find thousands of recipes, tips, tricks, and DIY.) In the meantime, I am heading over to my blog Creating La Belle Vie and I invite you to join me. Sign up to follow and I promise fresh posts, lots of inspiration, and joy. I am devoted to only writing in a positive tone and sharing beautiful and inspiring images and words. The blog itself has a fresh new slate and a nice magazine look.

I’ll see you around here, but please grab a cup of coffee and join me on the other blog where we can Create a Beautiful Life.

Click here: Creating La Belle Vie

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