Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

This is another blog that I am writing. It is more spiritual in nature. I have shared some of my experiences on Farmgirl School, but this one will be more dedicated to the lessons and stories I have to share from my mentors and my own experiences. I hope you will follow it as well. I hope it inspires and encourages you.

Owl and Wolf Teachings

Late June, 2018

“I sent a hawk to tell you that I was coming,” I told my great friend and mentor. Just then a very large, low flying hawk dived over us. We both smiled as we saw it.

“He’s late,” Thompson said nonchalantly.

I had successfully surprised my friend. He is a Caddo and Comanche medicine person, a holy man, a wise-beyond-his years teacher and lover of people. He has taught me over many years. He was in a nursing home resting and restoring after losing part of his leg to Diabetes. My husband and I drove from Colorado to Oklahoma to surprise him. I brought him tobacco, cedar, sage, and sweet-grass.

We sat outside the nursing home watching the hawks circle overhead. I had brought my things to do ceremony on him if he wished. It is an interesting feeling when the student is called to do ceremony…

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