Farmgirl Says Goodbye

It’s been a long time since we started this journey, and what a journey it has been!  In three weeks we will finally be on our forever farm.  It’s been seven years.

We have had a lot of fun, we have learned so much, have taught thousands of people through this blog, my books, and speaking events how to do everything from can corn to make candles.  We have also had an awful lot of heartache on this journey.

In three weeks our Pumpkin Hollow Farm sign will become a clever decoration as a bed frame or something and the name, facebook page, and this blog will be retired.  New adventures await!

Our new farm is decidedly southwest.  I will still have a large garden.  I will still make a house a home.  But I think I am ready to take the extreme out of homemaking and instead of homesteading, maybe just live in the present.

I have a great love of design, decor, for gourmet cooking, travel, gardening, for art, and living in the moment.  For creating beautiful moments.  I could continue to write about all of those on this blog, but I feel like it is time for a fresh look, a fresh name, a new direction.

Cozy sweaters, hygge, firelight, candlelight, great cooking, wine, friends, laughter, sunsets, sunrises, good music, family, new memories, lovely books, and simple moments that add up to make life very beautiful.  Changing our perspective and purposely choosing to be present and to make moments into enchanting ones.  That is the description of my new blog that will launch shortly.

I want to thank all of you amazing readers, old and new, for all of your support over the years, ideas, input, and friendship.  May that not end.  I hope you will sign up for my new blog, Creating La Belle Vie

See you around the farmhouse table!

You can always reach me at if you have comments or want to become a pen pal.

6 thoughts on “Farmgirl Says Goodbye

  1. As I harvest and can green beans and tomatoes and slice okra for the freezer I am asking myself, “why?” Are my organic homegrown and pressure canned green beans worth the tilling and planting and weeding and harvesting and snapping and hours spent over a hot stove in the heat of summer? Are there other things I can better spend my time doing? It’s a skill I believe everyone is better for knowing. My mom taught me, I passed it on to my daughter, and still I Question if I will continue to do it Year after year. I can do it! That’s a pride I embrace. Next year I may spend more time hiking and camping in the wilderness. But this year, I harvest the fruits of our hard work and my shelves will be filled with delicious green beans and tomatoes and relishes for coming winter.

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