Our 30 Day Real Food Challenge’s Epic Failure

I told you about a month ago that we were going to embark on a journey of real food.  It sounded absolutely ridiculous that we were perhaps eating more lab created food then natural food.  But we somehow did invite the world of marketing into our pantry and seems we have a lot of boxes, bags, and frozen this and that.  Organic, but still super processed and lots of questionable ingredients.

I have gained five pounds so far.  Oh no, not from the real food, but because not two days in I defiantly remarked, “You can’t tell me what to do!”  To myself.  I instantly became all bent out of shape about having to cook three meals a day and everything from scratch.  I would spend the day baking bread, scones, looking at cracker recipes, mess up my kitchen, and then make Doug take me out to dinner.  We have been out a record amount of times this month.  

Doug had the idea in his head that we were going to have something like smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and Buddha bowls for dinner.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?  Delicious, fresh, easy?  I can feel my stomach growling.  Sooo boring.

Let’s say I want tacos.  Well, I have to make the tortillas.  No problem.  Now, real meat or lab created veggie meat?  Okay, cheese or no cheese?  Lord, by the time I am done worrying about all this real food I am down at the Mexican restaurant slurping down a margarita.  I am a rather difficult housewife, it seems.

I am rereading, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  The author and her family embark on a journey of not just real food, but local food as well.  I stood in front of my impressive old pantry shelf filled with jars of staples and realized that not a single thing on it was produced locally.  I also have so many rogue ingredients from trying (or intending to try) one recipe.  I have so many things going rancid.  And nothing in my house is local save for what is now coming up in the garden and the eggs from the coop.

It is certainly difficult to rewire the brain.  Simplifying my recipes is the answer I am sure.  Local food.  Organic food.  In its original form.  Without all the overthinking.  But trying to figure out what to eat without the helpful addition of boxes, bags, and this and that, is actually rather difficult.  I had no idea we were so dependent.  Throw in moral dilemmas of meat or no meat and a tired housewife and you have yourself a predicament and an extra five pounds.

My friend laughs because I am actually a lot better at being healthy when I am not planning.  So, perhaps we are better if we just take one meal at a time.  One little change at a time.  One local food in, one box out.  One more walk around the lake.  We’re doing fine.

8 thoughts on “Our 30 Day Real Food Challenge’s Epic Failure

  1. This is me!!!! I study nutrition. I want to eat healthy. I’ve been vegetarian and vegan and went plant based (forks over knives). Then I decided just real whole food would be my new mantra (100 days real food). And the more I try the more I crave a can of coco-cola and a bag of chips. What’s a basicly natural foods girl to do? I’ve decided maybe I need to forget the hype and the extreme diets that are so polarized (like politics today). I have a beautiful garden with promises of fresh veggies in a few weeks, blueberry bushes filled with soon to ripen berries, and herbs to snip and add to soups and pastas. So, why all the stress over the most natural thing in life, fueling the body?

    • I really think post-WW2 marketing has got us messed up. The diet of the day is the one that profits the big guys. Maybe we just need to listen to our bodies. You lucky girl with all your blueberries!

  2. I have the same struggles! I just binged all weekend because I was bored with veggies and fruits for my snacks. My go to this weekend? Home made caramel popcorn! I’m also a big sauce fan, so I’ve been focusing on healthier sauces, based from yogurt instead of mayo… I may be getting sick of tzatziki sauce real quick!

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