A Housewife with “the Sight”

Thick snow begins to blanket my quiet, little homestead.  It is peaceful.  Last night my spirit was reeling, this morning it is calm.  The birds sing sweetly from the trees.


Have you read my memoir?  (AuthorKatieSanders.com) The Making of a Medicine Woman; the Memoirs of Bird Woman is my life story.  It is filled with many of the tales that I don’t typically mention on Farmgirl School for fear of scaring off a few folks.  In my other, less written about blog, DancingwithFeathers.com, I wrote a few months ago about a shaman friend who came to visit me.  “You are not getting out of it that easy,” she breezily said.  I didn’t think I would do that work anymore.

“You’re a medium,” the reader next to my cousin at the holistic fair yesterday said as he stopped me.  “Can you help this woman?”  Uh…er…what?  I sat down with her at my cousin’s empty table (she was out shopping) and immediately her recently deceased husband started talking to her through me.  I felt his every pain, how he died, how he was still worried about his business partner.  For twenty minutes, the fellow filled his wife in with everything she needed know.  Through tears, she nodded, smiled, and I may never see her again.  She gave me twenty dollars.  It is so awkward to take money for spiritual work.


I suppose that this is only odd in this day and age.  My Nordic, Celtic, and Native ancestors wouldn’t have thought it at all strange that the lady of the house would have “the sight.”  I always figure that I can just be normal.  I can be a housewife.  I can sew and make tea and play the piano and play with my grandbaby…who is psychic as well.

“You have to do readings.  You have to do the medium work,” the reader said.  I had sat down with him after I spoke with the woman.  If truth be told, I had already done three other readings at Julie’s table.  They just kept coming.

I took a break from doing spiritual work in July.  I love being a spiritual guide.  I love helping people.  But I wasn’t sure if I was actually helping anyone.  And I wasn’t sure what emotional or physical effect it was having on me.

A woman in the hall stopped me at the fair.  “Remember when you told me that a cowboy would be coming in to my life?  He did!  Just as you described him!”  She was so happy.

Apparently there is no hiding behind the sewing machine or pressure canner on this one.  Yes I am a homemaker, a quilter, a homesteader, a Grammie, a wife, a mama, an animal lover, a passionate gardener and herbalist.  I am a great lover of the Creator and of Mother Earth and of all the ancestors and guides and nature spirits and yes, I guess I am an instrument to help people find their way with a most unusual talent.  We all have a role to play in helping others.  It is our destiny.


6 thoughts on “A Housewife with “the Sight”

  1. GREAT POST! Glad to see you are “in tune” with yourself, your environment, and helping others. It is a strange new world when we accept who we really are. I have always been in tune with nature, but even more so this past year when I just allowed my spirit to help me progress. I don’t know how to explain it because I have just began this new journey. It seems I can even understand what the cows are even saying (thinking). Well, a couple of them anyway. Keep up the good work!

    1. There’s a familiar face! I haven’t heard from you in awhile! I wonder how long it took for humans to go from connected to all living things and compassion to apathy and silence. I hear animals too!

      1. Something weird happened a few years ago that I haven’t shared… I was going to butcher a couple of young roosters and one of them… While he was on the chopping block, we looked into each others eyes and it was like he said, “You don’t have to do this.” Well, needless to say, I did it but haven’t done so sense and I couldn’t eat him… The rest of the chickens, even though they are getting to the point they need replaced, I feel guilty about selling them because we know each other well. The cows and I communicate very well. There are also five cats. Of course, the plants also have their own way of communication. I think it has a lot to do with telepathy…

      2. Yes, I think that is how we are wired. I teach in my herb classes that the plants talk. The students quiet believe me until a cedar tree starts waving at them! It is all so fascinating and comforting. I know what you mean about the roosters. I am now vegan thanks to a few fellows that I could not eat. I am so happy to talk to someone else who shares that restored telepathy.

      3. I have heard from some people how much better they feel not that they have stopped eating meat. I think I would like to give it a try, but I still haven’t bought a new set of false teeth. Eating salads, raw fruit and vegetables would prove very difficult without teeth… So, everything is cooked which removes a lot of nutrients.

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