The Mentoring of Bird Woman

Our farming days may be done but our learning and adventures certainly have not! If you enjoy my writings I invite you to come on over to my new blog and follow along if you wish!


I heard it on the wind and in my mind, “Your mentoring starts now.”

“Now?” I asked the voice.  I had prayed for a teacher and one had come.  The highest of all teachers, the Earth.  And the hawks flew overhead in circle and danced as I sat listening.  And the most amazing teachings have begun.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    I just found your blog, and now it is changing? Ho can you be done with farming?

    1. Bird Woman says:

      This blog started years ago when we had a lovely rented farm and then another lovely rented farm. Now we bought a cute house with a large yard in town. We have seven named chickens and beautiful gardens and lots of herbs and we still like to preserve and homestead. I am not done writing on this blog. I just have some other inspirations right now!

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