Underneath Your Fear is the Road Map of Life



This blog started in 2012 when we set out to be real farmers!  When this blog started we were expecting our first grandchild.  We were becoming great friends with Nancy and Faleena.  We were still  in our first little shop on Main street as the Garden Fairy Apothecary.  Amazing how one’s life can change so quickly and drastically in that short amount of time.  Nancy would have turned sixty years old yesterday and we would have had a great party for her.  Doug and I farmed and we worked and we dreamed and we lost and we rebuilt and all the while we were living.  And I wrote.


We are now expecting our second grandchild.  We are meeting new friends.  I do medical intuitive and spiritual guidance readings instead of farming.  I have a large garden, some chickens, and a farm dog but I no longer have a farm!  The name of this blog seems quite misleading.  But it  means something to me and it is nearly at a thousand followers and even if it isn’t completely relevant any longer, it is still where I write.  The Pumpkin Hollow Farm sign sits proudly on my front porch even though there isn’t a farm here.  Life changes.  The question is, will we change with it?


We have a great many lessons to learn while in these lovely human forms in a relatively short time here on earth.  That is why life changes so much.  It is moving us from one path to the next so that we can learn and experience many things needed.  There is great beauty around the bend.  What holds us back is fear!

The devil is not some external force with horns; no the devil is fear.  Fear is our number one enemy.  It creates chatter that creates death.  Fear makes people bigots.  It makes people angry and defensive.  It creates war.  It creates stagnancy.  Disease.  Fear’s message is, “What If?”  What if…they die…I get in a car accident…I get sick…I become bankrupt…what if things will never be the same?

Fear is ignorance.  So ask yourself, “Why am I afraid of that?  What is the worst case scenario?”  The greatest attack on our path to enlightenment is fear.  The only thing between you and joy is fear.

The universe will move you into the place where you are supposed to be one way or another so you may as well go quiet-like.  If you have a dream in your heart or an idea in your mind or a great passion, it may not necessarily be your idea!  They are hints along the road map of life and they are there for a reason to guide you.  Do not let fear bind you.  There is nothing to fear.  There is only joy.

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  1. This is such a great reminder, and so very true! We are always being guided, even when it might not seem that way. Xx

    1. Yes, may we always see the light upon the path!

  2. Laura says:

    Why did this make me cry. Ugg

  3. Linda Narumit says:

    That’s very true,Katie. We have to keep going one step at a time.

  4. Dr Dink says:

    Wow, great post. Thank you

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