The Earth Day Prophesy

ice cap

I was going to let this one sink in for awhile longer before- if- I wrote anything about it.  But as I opened my eyes and thought of the date, I realized that we are entering the weekend of celebrating the Earth.

I, along with most of my family, have prophetic dreams.  They scare me.  I see wars and natural disasters and I can see the earth being killed and the consequences.  Now, if I were reading this I might think the author was spouting a bunch of hippie mumbo jumbo and perhaps smoked too much weed last night before dreaming up this scenario.  I am pretty straight laced though and I have had too many dreams come true to discount them entirely.


Remember my beautiful friend, Kat?  I used to, actually I still, call her mom.  She died two years ago this summer.  She came to me last night and we had a lovely conversation.  I miss her so much I cried the whole visit (and of course feel exhausted this morning) but it was so nice to see her.  This is what I wrote in my journal when I woke up:

Kat came to me in a dream.  It was amazing to see her.  I cried the whole time.  How I miss her.  I asked if she could hear me when I talk to her.  Not always when I chit chat just a few words to her but if I call on her she is there and can hear me.  I asked her how it was beyond the veil and she wished that she had more good friends there.  She generally stays around her family that are still alive. 

She said that children from one to three years of age have so much joy, but once they get older than that a sadness descends.  She got excited and asked if I believe in a time of enlightenment.  I thought she meant Jesus coming back and as I was saying yes I believe in a time of enlightenment but not necessarily in Jesus coming back she interrupted and opened up a day timer.  Ice Berg was written on a date and then disappeared like disappearing ink. 

“What date was that?” I asked.

“October 16th,” she said


“The Atlantic,” she replied.  “Stay away from there.”

She was happy because it was going to bring people together and open people’s eyes to saving our beautiful planet.  I didn’t really understand in my dream what she meant.  I had an image of The Titanic.  But as woke up I remembered the ice caps.  I remembered. 

I don’t totally get it.  I thought she had spelled iceberg wrong, but upon looking it up, it was right.  I personally believed that even though we are actively destroying this beautiful earth, that Mother Earth has natural patterns of heating and cooling throughout her existence.  But after this dream, I was shown the truth.  I was told that this could be a huge world disaster.  It will bring people together but with great devastation.  Even if I could completely stop causing damage to the earth, I am only one of billions and I may only halt it for a moment.  We have become so delusional and apathetic.  We think electric cars aren’t energy.  We think that the diesel and water guzzling wind farms are sustainable.  We think we can just recycle everything and it will be okay.  We can eat meat.  We can keep driving.  We honestly have no clue what to do!


Well, for Earth Day this weekend, let’s brainstorm what we can do.  Reply in the comments.  Let’s come up with ideas.  How can we do better? Because there is a damn good chance that we will be taken off the grid altogether and we should be ready.  We should put as much compassion towards the earth that houses us as we do our children.

Perhaps it was only a dream and perhaps October 16th will come and go and nothing will occur but what if…?  We need to make changes, folks.  Starting with me.  Starting with you.  Let’s come together…




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  1. SilverRaven says:

    I am stuck on the date 12-20. Not sure why, but it has been there for about 15 yrs. Every year it comes around I tippy toe around waiting for something to come about. I know how you feel about dreams like that. I go on journeys. I dont share this much, people think I’m nuts already.
    I have decided to start my plants on earth day and we plant in one tree for each person that lives here and one for our lost loved ones every year. But this year I want to start putting in one extra for mother nature.
    I am only one person-but one person can make a small difference and if many one persons make a small difference, it all adds up to a big difference.

    1. I love that idea with the trees. We all add up in our efforts, a steady stream of change and beauty and honoring. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jessica says:

    Amazing! I wished their was something I could do. I try not use so much. We don’t buy a lot of junk at the store. All that plastic and paper etc. What a dream!

  3. Pam Heinze says:

    Reblogged this on Shipwrecked and Comatose and commented:
    Note to self, stay away from the Atlantic in October.

  4. We must be better stewards of the earth.

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