White Wolf Medicine and the Plant Medicine Makers

squirrelThose unexpected expenses can be a heartbreaker.  We had a few to the tune of nine thousand dollars and that created chaos and sadness and the conclusion that we would need to close our apothecary.

I followed the accounting like a hawk last month and found that Shyanne can indeed afford to keep the shop open and running so long as I can get these big things paid off.  That is good news.

Shyanne wants that shop so badly.  She wants it to succeed.  She runs the shop since I am so far away.  She is the same as me, a medical intuitive and very sensitive to what people need.  The plants work magic for her and she is a born herbalist.

We started a kickstarter campaign and friends and clients have been so gracious to us.  Another client is giving me a small, interest free loan to help us get caught up.

“We created it for Shyanne,” Doug says.  Even before she came on board, it was her and her boyfriend’s dog that became our logo.  “It’s her apothecary.”

I originally made the fundraiser so that we could possibly grow the whole business and I could open a shop down here but we need to first focus on saving our Elizabeth shop.  We are so grateful to the community for promoting us and supporting us.  We have an online store if any of you lovely readers are interested in really powerful herbal medicine that can stand up against pharmaceuticals.  http://WhiteWolfHerbs.com

And if you feel a call to do so, please check out our kickstarter.  There are few real native medicine makers left.  We just need a little help.  We are needed.


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