Become a Certified Herbalist at Home


We are coming upon spring and green plants are just starting to unfurl from the ground.  What do you do with them?  Dig them up, or eat them, or do they cure cancer?


There are a lot of questions about herbalism and a lot of interest right now in taking back the old ways and relearning our genetic healing practices.  There is a plant growing in your garden or land or park near you that has the properties you need for what is plaguing you right now!


How do you identify it?  How do you turn it into medicine?  How do you administer it?

Will it interact?  Is it as good as a pharmaceutical?  Where did pharmaceuticals come from?

Looking into a holistic school near you might cause some shock.  Our nearby ones are thousands of dollars.  I opened my school in 2010 to offer an alternative.  I wrote a comprehensive text book that speaks to you like you are a parent or a gardener, not necessarily a scientist.  It is a complete education and you will have the confidence to start making medicines right away after completing the course.

You also receive a beautiful certificate upon completion.



This is the last chance to take advantage of this opportunity.  My Certified Herbalism Correspondence Course is only $250!  You work at your pace through the book completing materials as you go.  I am available by phone, text, or email to help you through it, and beyond your course.

The course includes:

History of herbalism


Herbs for each system of the body and common ailments

10 ways to turn herbs into medicine

Complete instructions

Animal Medicine

Building a Tea Garden

Intake forms for your future practice


and much more!

Click here to order!

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