When Destiny Repaints

We really have tried to find solutions.  Advertisements, sales, mass facebook notices, classes, everything and anything we can do to get our shop back on the map.  But, it seems that either location, or economy, or destiny has decided against us.  Our shop is closing.  It is closing before the lease is up.  It is the Titanic heading straight for an ice berg with IRS and everything else written on its icy face.  Well, folks, get your life jackets on, we are about to jump ship.


This has created a great sadness for my daughter and I because we love working together.  My daughter loves her shop.  I moved so far away that I am only there one day a week.  She loves what she does.  Shyanne is a brilliant, passionate young woman who will follow her heart and know just what to do.  People will still seek her out.  Destiny seems to be speaking because nothing we are doing seems to make a difference.  The train is rounding the curve and we are most decidedly on it.  She will keep the business online and maybe do markets.  And I guess I am ready for a change.


My husband has been encouraging me to just take some time.  Just be for a little bit.  I have been chasing my tail and the black line for so long I am exhausted.  On a strict budget we can make it on his income.  Maybe I will, I thought.  Just be a housewife for a bit.  Doug said to just do what I love.  If it makes money, great.  If not, don’t worry about it.


I had a vision and it seems to be manifesting itself.  I love being home.  I love working in the gardens, creating delicious meals, preserving, writing, and I like people to come to me. I can make medicines from my gardens for those who seek me out.  I will always be a medicine person.  Word has been getting out that I officiate weddings.  I am doing another one this Saturday.  I have a great respect for elders and I have been mentored by some amazing teachers.  The women in my family are extremely intuitive and that seems to be getting ever stronger in me.  Yes, I know destiny is in the design work here.  I wish I knew what it had in store for my Shyanne.  But I know it will be something wonderful.

Business card front 03-18

So, with Doug’s skills, I have a new business card.  I am signed up to do my first fair as a reader.  I am not going to worry about doing anything I do not care for. (Well, I still have to clean my house, I guess.)  I will promote my books.  I have three more I want to write.  Destiny is adding her own paint colors and the winds of change are on their way.  I better put some tea on.

Business card back 03-18


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  1. Doug sounds wise. Good luck in all that you do and best wishes for Shyanne.

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