The History of this Beloved Home (92 years of pumpkins and roses)


All my Farmgirl readers, I am transitioning everything to my newer blog, Today’s post continues a post I did in January on Farmgirl about the history of our new house. Continue following me on Medicinewolf! We have lots to do!

Medicine Wolf

I wish I had been home when they came.  I was at work, but Doug was out front working in the yard.  Two precious elder women got out of their car and stood in front of our house.


“I grew up here,” one of them reminisced.

I wrote on my other blog when we were first moving to this house that I had researched the family that owned this home for seventy-five years until 2000, when it slipped away into a collage of other quick owners and bank possessions.  I knew that a large family lived here in the one main room before the rest was built on in 1952.  I delighted in the names, Elmer, Leslie, Wesley, Dorothy, Ruth, Donelda.  Mama was Jane and daddy was Leslie.    We knew it had been loved for every nook of the yard holds a memory of some sort.  Old fashioned roses held on.  A single lilac clung to…

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  1. cdalzin says:

    Sounds like you found a very special and loved home. So happy for you. Nothing like old fashioned roses that have that lovely scent that the new varieties are missing……..Maybe you could make your own rose water ….

  2. laffalots2 . says:

    How lovely

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