The Leaf’s Exhale (graceful transition)

Musings from my new blog…

Medicine Wolf


It twirled down and danced across the grass in Grand Jeté.  Glistened by the street lamp, I thought it a tiny bird but its golden splendor curled and stopped among the still green blades, an autumn leaf in exhale.  I envied its vivacity.


I suppose I have allowed myself to fall into the depths of despair this past week, the reason for my lack of writing, it snuck up behind me in shadows.  But, take mercy for I am still recreating the screenplay of my life, or rather a greater hand has taken over direction and I struggle to learn which scene and costume we are in and what my character is.

Once a farmgirl, now a city girl looking for gardens in asphalt and wondering fearfully if this is all meant to be.  “Grow where planted!” I scream over the sirens.

I recognize it from my favorite New York…

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