Home; a Tale of Before and After

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Medicine Wolf

I hit the antique stores along south Broadway when I was twelve.  An old Coca Cola tray was my first purchase.  I would redecorate my room and take pictures.  My love affair with decorating began.  One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was from a young woman visiting our home.  She declared that our house looked right out of a magazine.

Each of our homes have been an eclectic blend of travel, passions, and comfortable settings that call to entertain, play games by firelight, or to enjoy a glass of wine with a good book.  And for my entire decorating life cats help fill in the décor.  Our homes have always been warm and inviting, kid proof, and filled with color and fun.  Until we moved into the apartment at the beginning of this year.

Now a strange, hazy memory, the loss of nearly everything we own, along with our…

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