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Farmgirl Gardening Series


I rented three 10×20 plots from the community garden.  I went yesterday to sit with the land and watch, listen, look at the soil and note what may have been planted there.  My plots are a little rough.  Very sandy, very dry.  Weeds popping up.  But it is a blank canvas.


I could  have rented the snazzy ones down the way from my apartment.  For $200 one could have a 5×10 fully amended garden bed ready to go.  Fake turf lines the paths between the beds.  Easy.  Mine was $30 for a 10×20.  It would have cost me $800 at the garden nearby for equivalent space.  I think I can take a hundred of that and go get some soil to amend in. This is my garden for a whole year or until I have my own again.  We are starting from scratch.


Every Friday I will lead you through successful organic gardening.  Each week we will talk about how and what to plant, what to harvest (and on Wednesdays we will cover how to preserve), and how to have the most amazing Eden.  I will be writing specifically for the high plains of Colorado (about 6500 feet above sea level with about zero humidity), a very difficult place to grow, so the rest of y’all can just follow along knowing you are probably having an easier time gardening but you can use all the same tips.


I went yesterday to determine whether Maryjane and I should hurry up and get potatoes, garlic, and onions in.  We could amend the rows real quick.  We are getting a glorious rain and snow storm tomorrow that could get the sets going.  But looking at the weather we are in for five days of rain and snow.  I would risk decomposing my potato, onion, and garlic sets before next Wednesday so I will wait.  It is all about timing and being able to act quickly to get done what needs to be done.  The best would be to plant on a warm day with a good snow the next.  With the rain we are looking at getting, the soil could wash away as well.  We’ll plant next week.


I will blog as usual during the week but next Friday I will see you back in Maryjane’s and my garden.


Katie Lynn Sanders is the author of seven books, has been a speaker on sustainable living, and loves all things wine, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, travel, food, arts, crafts, books, and finding enchantment and inspiration in the smallest things. She lives on a one acre farm and vineyard, Pumpkin Hollow Farm, with her husband, fourteen chickens, three ducks, a giant Pyrenees, two goats, five cats, and visiting children and grandchildren in southern Colorado.

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