Naming the Apothecary (your thoughts, please!)


Alright, Friends, I need your input and thoughts.  Choosing a name is always fun but so much to think about!  Pumpkin Hollow Farm was named by a Facebook follower and it made us wonder why we hadn’t thought of it first!


The house sits on highway 86 (mind you, people, I haven’t even gotten the house yet, but I have a feeling this is it!) and is hard to notice but once I get in there and start restoring the building, first with paint to make the white, decrepit adobe look like a rustic yellow/orange one straight out of Taos, and the porch fixed up and the yard worked on, people will probably notice it.  I will (town allowing) put my Pumpkin Hollow Sign out front.  Many folks will recognize that, but I need a business name that sums up what we do.  Pumpkin Hollow Farm is the place, not the industry anymore.


I have Farmgirl School on blog and facebook, I could call the whole thing Farmgirl: School, Herbal Remedies, Art, Books, Homestead.  That way the links can be matched and it is easy to keep my domains straight BUT is it catchy enough?

Katie store

I don’t want to use the word “Apothecary” this time. Even though it is a beautiful name, here in Colorado the pot shops use the name and it would be assumed that that is what I am.  I noticed that lots of people ask what an apothecary is anyway so why not name it something herbal medicines or something herbal pharmacy!


Our family was of the wolf clan so it might be fun to incorporate the wolf into the name and logo.  I have Sacred Owl School of Original Medicine, then I could have something with a wolf for the apothecary.  Everything could be “on Pumpkin Hollow Farm”.  Too complicated?

Wolf Moon Herbal Remedies, Wolf Pack (symbolize family and community) Herbal Remedies…..

Business and creative ideas welcome.  I appreciate your thoughts.

23 thoughts on “Naming the Apothecary (your thoughts, please!)

  1. Whatever you decide on keep it simple while catchy. Make it reflect your product – have you considered what your product really is? Is it the herbs? Is it you? Is it education? Is it inspiration? Do you have a mission statement? Naming a business takes time. Sit down and brainstorm and make a long list. As you are doing it the right name should pop out. For years I helped small business owners market their firms. This is some of the work we did together. I did writing, took photographs and provided graphics/radio and TV commercials and helped them to get their business known. My business name was Words & Pictures (my product) A Communication Agency (what we did)…. we helped our clients to communicate. Good luck!

  2. SMALL HOUSE had a very good idea. What part of your business/home/work needs to be advertised first? We named our farm Irish Acres Farm and it encompasses many things, from selling dairy animals, to farm fresh eggs, handcrafted soaps to workshops – all under one name. Recently I came up with a new soap full of essential herb oils. I named it The Herb Garden. It was an immediate hit.
    If you are concentrating on just the herbs, you could call it The Herb Garden Store (or shop)…
    Good luck with it, I know you’ll come up with a dandy name!
    Gwen in Arkansas

    1. Doug came up with The Farmgirl Store. Love it! That can encompass anything we choose to put in the shop. The apothecary will have its own name. I followed Small House’s ideas and think I have a good one!

  3. I have not seen the word apothecary used for the pot shops in Denver but the word Herb or Herbal is definitely in many names of pot shops. I love the Garden Fairy name, that’s how we refer to you when we need to pick something up….the garden fairy lady. Lol! 🙂

    I’m glad you’ll be a little closer again, we love your remedies, especially for winter goo.

    1. No matter what there may be some misunderstandings but education and walking into the store will cure the idea that we sell pot! I loved the Garden Fairy name too. It was so catchy, Garden Fairy Apothecary, and memorable! But that business belongs to my friend, Margie now. She will have the products displayed in my store. I will have a whole wall of single extracts ready to pour intuitively for each individual, teas, and education. I’ll be glad to have a store open again. Thanks for following. I will probably be the Garden Fairy to people for a long time!

  4. Here in the Springs, the word herbal is overused by the MMJ shops. I like the idea of using the word garden..kind of separates what you do from the MMJs. I also love Doug’s idea of using The Farm Girl Store. I second that encompasses what you do without being limiting incase you want to add something new to the business later. fingers are crossed for you❤.

  5. I like Farmgirl Mercantile. I am ALWAYS interested to see what is for sale in a mercantile…a store is a store is a store (which is also a mercantile by another name!). Also, try Pinterest for tons of ideas, words, pictures, etc. Good luck to you and your family.

  6. Wolf reminded me of video , DVD, that’s Fab, “Lords of Nature”, hope you’ve seen it, it summarizes the Wolfs vital role , it’s something in my best dreams all will see
    That’s prob not the best name, maybe Lord and Lady of Nature , Nature’s Lady,
    Betty’s beauty shop was Natures Way I think
    Natures Path, possible, Nature’s Trail

  7. Vernona Is correct the words herb & herbal are now to much associated with the MMJ’s in CO. Most of your customers are in the area, they know you’re name, use it in whatever you finally decide.

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