Time Travel to a Medieval Village

2015 celtic poster

It is fascinating to watch an ordinary park become a medieval village.  Restricted views of modern world allow the transformation.  The fresh smell of pine fills the air as crows squawk overhead.  Magic is occurring.





It takes countless hours throughout the year and many volunteers to create this village.  We look forward to this festival all year.  Casey Jones Park is the perfect place for the Elizabeth Celtic Festival.  The festival is much less expensive than others in the area and offers entertainment for all ages.  Maryjane will likely be in the fairy village since I could barely keep her from there last year.  Scottish sporting events that make current sports look meek bring cheering in their midst.  The sound of bagpipes filling the air arouses a part of my genetic makeup, an instinctual knowing, a longing for homeland and grandmothers, and men in kilts.  Dancers take the stages.  Fairies light and full of enchantment walk the grounds.  Spontaneous fighting with sword and shield and words take place.




I purchase my skirts from Liz, a talented seamstress and owner of Olde World Wardrobe is there every year to provide me with my skirts that I wear all year.  For the first time Doug and I do not have wares to sell.  We will be able to listen to fantastic bands, drinking cold, frothy beer from Dry Dock Brewing Company, and visiting with everyone.  Come to the Celtic Festival and find your clan, sit in for a Celtic cooking demonstration, cheer on the strong men in kilts throwing telephone poles (caber toss), and visit the Scottish dogs.  There is much to do and great memories to be had at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival this weekend!  See you there!  http://ElizabethCelticFestival.com