The Blank Canvas and Protagonist


Yesterday I wrote a post describing our dread and fear and the tyranny we have been enduring for the past three months but then I chose not to publish it.  After I wrote it all out (this is why I love writing) it didn’t seem so big.  I realized the landlords can’t harm us anymore.  After tomorrow we are free.

Doug and I are now faced with a rare and interesting scenario.  We are in a unique position to completely reinvent our life.  Our children are in their own homes now.  We have no job and we have no home and we have unlimited potential.  Imagine if you were given  blank slate.  “What is our heart’s desire?” my friend asked us yesterday.  Doug has not yet lived his.  I have exhausted mine to this point.  I am tired.  I want to sit on the patio of my adobe hacienda in the sun with my cats and write.  Our friend had Doug write down what he really loves.  He folded the paper and put it away.  Unlimited ideas and colors float all around us.

Doug had a good book idea for me.  I have not written anything fictional since I was in high school but his idea sparked a million ideas in my own creative furnace.  The protagonist could be an herbalist, part native, part Scottish.  I have a lot of great stories of helping people with herbs from my own experiences and mixing in an old fashioned atmosphere would bring a sense of history to the pages.

What do we want our life to be like?  Where is it?  What do we do?  What do we love?  We are painting on a fresh canvas with any mediums we like.