Attend a Festival or Event at Pumpkin Hollow Farm


I can hear it now.  The sound of music surrounding the prairie as the owls look on from the south pasture.  The warm summer evening is cooled with a passing breeze, the smell of roses upon it.  The mountains across the horizon are bright with summer color and the prairie is its variegated taupe patinas.  A refreshing drink in hand, folks on blankets laughing and enjoying the summer sounds of fiddle make for a great end of season day.


Oh I know there is snow still sifting into the ground and the fire is crackling merrily in the wood stove but I wanted to share the farm events that will be occurring in the late summer and fall so that you, my friends, can plan ahead to visit our farm during one of these summer festivities that we will have on Pumpkin Hollow Farm.  It would be so great to meet some of you in person, see old friends, and share in a celebration of harvest and good fun.  There are motels and great camping facilities just seven miles down the road in the little town of Calhan.  We are just thirty minutes from Colorado Springs and there you will find many great historical sites, museums, hotels, and fine dining should you want to make Colorado your destination for a  summer vacation this year.  For all of you local readers, I hope you’ll make the brief drive and join us on our new farm.  Here is the line up for events…


Sunday, August 30th- Homesteading Boot Camp

Start the day early on the farm and choose between learning to milk a goat or going on a wild herb walk in the pasture.  Meet back at the farm kitchen for breakfast and hot coffee.  You will choose from a myriad of homesteading classes upon sign up taught by five different instructors, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  A picnic lunch will break up the day.  There will farm tours and a Question and Answer forum for the instructors.  Our day will end a potluck dinner and live music.  $100


Saturday, September 12th at noon- Pumpkin Hollow Farm Harvest Party

Bring a dish to share and come enjoy a meal with community and new friends.  A professional karaoke host will be there to make all the guests the stars (start planning your songs!) and will play some great dance music as well (have you ever danced among pumpkins?).  Our pumpkin patch will open that day and guests will have first harvest of the festive orbs.  Choose your perfect pumpkin to take home (nominal fee).  Visit with the animals.  Take a tour of the gardens.  Relax and meet new folks.  We’ll eat, drink, and be merry and celebrate the harvest while singing our hearts out.  Free!  Kindly RSVP


Saturday, October 10th at 3:00- 1st Annual Food Swap

Bring a dish to share and preserved items to barter with.  Meat, cheeses, home canned goods, wine, whatever would keep well in the winter works!  Enjoy an afternoon of comradery among other homesteaders and have more selection in your pantry at the end of it!  We’ll dine alfresco with new friends and enjoy the farm in Autumn.


Saturday, November 1st at 6:00- Samhain Dinner

Pronounced Sow-in, this holiday is most identified with pagans but it is actually an ancient Celtic holiday that marked the end of the agricultural year.  The end of the harvest and the beginning of winter was a time for reflection and rest.  The fires would begin to burn in the hearths of the homes of farmers and there was less to do.  After the busyness of summer the farmers would start to think of loved ones that had passed on that year.  Samhain is a time of remembrance and the mark of the new year.  Join us for a silent dinner.  Bring a dish to share that reminds you of the person that is in your heart that has left this world.  We will set a plate for the people that have left a hole in our lives and sit among our new friends and have a meal by candlelight and music in silence.  At the end of dinner we will share stories and reverie, enjoy a glass of wine and dessert, and celebrate the beginning of winter’s rest.  Free!  RSVP  Space is limited.


I am proud to be adding to the 14% of women owned farms.  This is a such a big dream for me.  But I don’t want to just feed people and introduce them to fabulous new foods, I want to feed people with community and friendship.  So many are lonely, so many kids don’t get outside, so many don’t know a goat from a dog!  I want to build a rich foundation here on this farm to encourage, inspire, and bring folks together.  Won’t you join us for one of our events?  We’d love to have you!



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