Seeking Farm Interns


There are many fabulous lifestyles out there but I am so grateful that Doug and I live the one we have.  We prayed, worked, and planned out this life and we were gifted the life of a farmer.  There are others out there who are enamored by this lifestyle as well.  Young or old, city or country, there are people out there who would like to be homesteaders.  Or at least see if it is the life for them.


Last year I was surprised when an email came across my screen from a young man in New York.  He and his girlfriend wanted to come across the country in their RV and intern with us.  At first I didn’t think there would be much to do.  I mean, we pretty well have a routine, but as I started to look around I realized I had so much to teach them!  Farming, canning, herbalism, farmer’s markets, animal care, cheese making, anything they wanted to learn before embarking on their own farm adventure could be taught in my small kitchen and plot of land.  The thought was sound, the timing was lousy.


I had just lost one of my best friends as well as a handful of other friends and beloved animals.  We were in limbo not knowing if we had to move.  They were struggling in their relationship and wondering what they should do.  We were all watching every penny.  They were distracted, I was distraught.  We fought like new roommates.  But, what I did love was when we got into a groove and were able to just work and talk and enjoy each other’s company.  Movie nights in the living room trading off meal making and enjoying a bottle of wine.  We will be in touch with them forever, I am sure.  A moment in time that we shared our lives together.

My littlest intern!
My littlest intern!

I think it is important to share our lives, our skills, our passions.  Let folks try it out before they cancel cable television and spend their paycheck on seeds!  Give them free classes in exchange for help.  We are only two people.  Our daughter, Emily, and her daughter, Maryjane will come to stay here every Thursday and help me get ready for the market Friday.  We will get our medicines filled and harvests ready to take to market bright and early Friday morning in Woodland Park.  Doug will be doing the Thursday market in Colorado Springs by himself because one of us has to be here to milk in the morning.  We’ll milk early Saturdays and do that market in Elizabeth together.  I have classes planned for all day Sundays.  Doug works at the coffee shop Monday and Tuesday.  We have a large farm to care for this year and more animals along with our bustling Apothecary and all the preserving we do.  Our little dairy is growing too.


I suppose if anyone wants to intern and learn to live this way, I will welcome them with open arms and a bottle of wine!

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