The Life of a Healer- Part 5 (wedding bells and adoptions)


It was a long recovery but there was a new fire in her spirit.  She was happy to be home with her children.  She started to stash money that she had made.  She fell in love with the smiling man (though he didn’t know it yet).  And a wonderful thing happened.  Wildflower realized that when her cousin, Faith, was there, the raging husband wouldn’t do anything.  So, Faith moved in.  He had his rants if she were gone and did proceed to finish breaking the majority of Wildflower’s belongings, but while she filed for divorce and found an apartment, and put the house up for sale, there was no more violence to her as long as Faith were there.  Within four and a half months from her determined decision she was free.  All she got from the divorce was her children and her animals and that suited her just fine.  She set up the lawn chairs and the two mattresses in the apartment and breathed a sigh of relief.

She was dating the smiling man and the children took to him immediately.  He attended their pre-school programs and their soccer games.  They soon moved in with the smiling man and seven months later all moved into a house together.  A house in a suburb, with a yard, and neighborhood children, and a happy household.  The smiling man asked Wildflower to marry him one night before karaoke and she accepted.  Things at the new house were very good.

The raging husband turned on the children and Wildflower immediately sought a restraining order.  It is next to impossible to get a permanent restraining order against a parent.  But over the next two years amazing things occurred.  A free attorney from a prestigious law school found and defended Wildflower and her children.  A kind children’s advocate saw through the raging husband and his family’s lies and sided with the mother.  The judge found that all of the evidence led to the obvious fact that the raging husband was entirely too unstable, in fact possibly capable of murder, and put a permanent restraining order in place.  The raging husband chose to sign over his rights and the smiling man adopted them.

The children were already calling him daddy and using his last name at school and finally it was complete and they were all safe.


The wedding was beautiful.  Two hundred and twenty people arrived with the snow steadily coming down.  This would be Wildflower’s first wedding.  The first in crumpled clothes at the Justice of the Peace then dropped off at home so the groom could go to work had been annulled.  She wore her mother’s dress and a vintage inspired veil, with double tulips and long ribbons that hung from them.  The little boy, the girl with the big blue eyes, and the red head along with their new cousins of similar age all looked fine in their suits and silver laden dresses.  Surrounded by family and friends, with Faith as her maid of honor, she and the smiling man promised to protect and love each other for the rest of their lives.  That was nearly twelve years ago.

Now the next scene may seem completely unfair and perhaps improbable but there are medical documents out there and many witnesses that can attest to this phenomenon.  Of course there is Wildflower, herself, completely well now.  Another paving in the road to becoming a healer.  One must have the utmost compassion for others, be able to understand in great empathy what others feel, what they need to be well, and though she didn’t know how she would use her gifts and help them yet, she was on her way to that time.  But first, the tragedy.


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