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Lunch Creativity (seeking it!)


Ahh, lunch.  My nemesis.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind going out to lunch!  But standing in my kitchen at lunchtime trying to figure out what to prepare always leaves me baffled.  Once farmer’s market season starts (next week!) I have to pack lunches.  Oy, then it really gets fun.  We go out a lot during farmers market season.  Now, since I have to be saving up money for the entire year, it seems silly to be spending a fair amount on breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is a little easier.  I could make some banana bread, or pack some biscuits and coffee, but lunch…It also looks bad that we are at our booth selling delicious, healthy fare, then running over and grabbing fast food.  Contradiction!

I always start out with good intentions, I always envision a full cooler of delicious fare.  Then farming season hits full swing and our herbal business takes off!  I am too tired to pack anything come a week into the whole venture.  This year, I am doing one or two less markets.  I am going to embrace healthy living…all the time, and saving money.  Here’s my problem and that is where you can help.

I don’t care for most sandwiches.  I don’t like the consistency of mushy bread.  It is a little hot for soup.  I can only eat so many salads and then I am starving and go get something else.  I need creativity, ideas, wise housewives to give me a clue!  Surely that is not the entire makeup of lunch!  My friends out there, please reply with your favorite lunch ideas.  Particularly ones that I can pack easily.

If you were going to a farmers market at 5:30 and wouldn’t be home until 2:30, what would you pack?  Don’t forget the thermoses of coffee!  We also need filling food.  We work really hard in the summer and are always hungry.  And since we are working while eating, something easy to eat.

Thanks ahead of time for the ideas!

(I love this picture from Williams-Sonoma!)


Katie Lynn Sanders is a Master Herbalist, the author of seven books, has been a speaker on sustainable living, and loves all things wine, regenerative agriculture, homesteading, travel, food, arts, crafts, books, and finding enchantment and inspiration in the smallest things. She lives on a one acre farm with her husband, fourteen chickens, three ducks, a giant Pyrenees, two goats, five cats, and visiting children and grandchildren in southern Colorado.

15 thoughts on “Lunch Creativity (seeking it!)

  1. Try tortilla type wraps. You can stuff them with sprouts and other vegies that don’t get soggy. I also cook my own corn chips, yes, fried, but more natural and you control the oil. I don’t like lunches either, they get boring.

  2. In place of a sandwich, how about roll-ups? Homemade tortilla with cream cheese spread on top. Add your favorite sandwich toppings, then roll it up tightly. The tortilla doesn’t get soggy like bread does.

    I also love the lunches using mason jars. Layer your favorite veggies, add quinoa and goat cheese on top. Put on the lid and take it to go.

    Lettuce wraps are a great alternative to using bread as well. You can store your lettuce leaves and toppings separately, put them together, then eat. Take a small container of your favorite dipping sauce for a little extra flavor.

    Sandwich kabobs are a favorite for lunch in our house. We layer a skewer with chunks of bread, meat, veggies and cheese. We dip a bit in our favorite dressing and eat.

    That’s all I have for now.

  3. We get creative with muffins. Yes that is some grain, but you can put so many different kinds of veggies, fruits, even meats and soups. Ooh, and muffin tin omelets. They freeze well (make when you have time) and pack great.

  4. you could always pack the sandwich fillings separately from the bread, no? that way the bread wouldn’t get soggy.
    could also do a pasta or rice salad.
    and speaking of lunch creativity, i just saw this today, looks beautiful:

    in the end though i’m not really qualified to give you suggestions because i’m not very creative myself. i never seem to get sick of a hunk of bread, some good cheese and a couple tomatoes for lunch. preferably eaten in the grass with my shoes off 🙂

    1. I agree, a hunk of bread, fabulous cheese, a few veggies, and some wine at a picnic is my favorite lunch as well! I wish I could do that at the farmers markets!

  5. Hmmm… how about hard-boiled eggs for protein (peeled ahead of time, with salt/pepper), a green smoothie with some nut butter added and carried in a mason jar (I drink mine warm, but you can pack with ice), hummus with pita wedges, waldorf salad and/or carrot salad (I find the addition of a healthy mayonnaise in these salads adds satiety – I need fats to get rid of the ‘hungries’), chicken salad with chopped pecans – you can carry some bread or tortilla and “roll” like the others suggested…

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