Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


Tank takes a “selfie”.


Henry Higgins impressing the ladies.


Buttercup enjoying the sun.


Watermelons starting to dream of summer.


Isabelle wanting more sweet feed.


Signs of the season.


Priya and Elsa playing together.


Irene, Nellie, Sylvia, and Cleo taking a break from standing in their water.


Six week old Priya playing among the sticks.

bee hive

Today the bees are in a swarm around the queen.  Hopefully they can get established!


Garlic coming up beautifully!


St. Francis keeping watch over the farm.


The Java ladies enjoying their new digs in the bathtub away from the ducks.  They were tired of being drenched!  Latte, Mocha, Macchiato, Espresso, and Decaf are so pretty!


Lettuce starts peeking through the soil.  Hopefully they will be ready for market!


Twila having a snack in between causing mischief.


Welcome to the farm!  Come by and visit!



4 thoughts on “Scenes From Our Farm

  1. The pictures of the ducklings made me laugh. Oh, I can relate! We just moved our ducklings out the barn. Hallelujah! Man are they messy things. (But oh so cute!)

  2. debweeks says:

    Lili has watermelon seed for her little garden this year. We didn’t start them indoors though. Wonder if we should have? Although we are in Zone 5, so we should be fine. Now I need to go check.

    Love the animal pictures!!!!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I always forget to start them early, we are zone 5 as well. If the weather cooperates you should have watermelons! Or start them now, even if they are four weeks old when you put them out, they get a head start!

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