Seed Catalogue Woes (and the local nursery)

Well, I fell prey.  I suppose that is what Farmgirl School is all about.  Learning!  I see why these gloriously colored catalogues come in the depths of cold and winter.  Their shiny paper and brightly hued pages.  Pages and pages of rainbow colored cauliflower and watermelons that look like solar systems.  Why, I just have … More Seed Catalogue Woes (and the local nursery)

Scenes From Our Farm

Tank takes a “selfie”. Henry Higgins impressing the ladies. Buttercup enjoying the sun. Watermelons starting to dream of summer. Isabelle wanting more sweet feed. Signs of the season. Priya and Elsa playing together. Irene, Nellie, Sylvia, and Cleo taking a break from standing in their water. Six week old Priya playing among the sticks. Today … More Scenes From Our Farm

Chronicles of a Nervous New Beekeeper (with a top bar hive)

I happened to be sifting through Facebook when I noted that my friend, Luis, who I went to the bee keeping class with was excitedly announcing that he was picking up his bees that morning.  …What?  I checked my email, but did not have an email telling me to do the same thing.  Others were … More Chronicles of a Nervous New Beekeeper (with a top bar hive)

Walking The Plank

The water was still and unmoved.  No life or death disturbed its surface.  I had ordered them all to walk the plank yesterday after setting up buckets with a few inches of water and a plank.  Doug threw in a little sweet feed for enticement.  I peered over the edge sadistically, with trepidation, and found … More Walking The Plank

Homemade Toothpaste (and the problem with fluoride)

When I was on a witch hunt for poisonous chemical products in the house when the kids were younger, I was surprised to find toothpaste on the list.  Artificial sweeteners are undoubtedly toxic for us, there were some other pretty sketchy ingredients listed, but the surprising toxin?  Fluoride. But, fluoride is a natural occurring mineral  in the soil, right?  That … More Homemade Toothpaste (and the problem with fluoride)