Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

Whenever there is nothing to say.  When words and emotions get in each other’s way.  When posts about farming elude my mind, a poem can speak what I cannot find.


Snowy winter hath been too long.  ‘Twas difficult to find my way through.

Spring hides and winks a subtle eye before she will come into view.

The leaves try to push out of their fastening shells.  I try to free myself as well.

The flowers try to grow.

The cold weather tries to linger on and threatens us with snow.

But the wind howls to clear out winter, this I know.

I miss you, friend, and wish our making memories didn’t have to end.

I know that in God’s garden, there are many flowers to tend.

And here on earthly gardens we seek renewal in everything we do.

That Spring will warm our hearts and let the sunlight through.

The birds are singing in the air and underground life breathes there.

Welcome Spring, renew us all.  The scent of lilacs I wish to recall.


me and nancy

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