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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

I love easy craft projects that have big impact.  I have been mulling around this idea for a long time.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long!  I love how the doors look.  All you need is a small can of blackboard paint.


I painted the door leading from the kitchen to the laundry/cat room.  I thought it might be too dark in a room with white cupboards and light wall paper but the final look is dramatic and actually matches the old look of the kitchen.  It brought out the black vintage handles on the antique island and makes a stunning statement in an otherwise plain kitchen.


I then moved on to the door between the Apothecary and the girls’ bathroom.  We have a bulletin board in the Apothecary that holds all of our orders, tax license, calendar, and notes but it is filled pretty consistently.  The door serves as a blatant place to write my to-do list so that I can stop procrastinating and get stuff done!


With the left over paint I could paint flower pots to write what they hold. I could paint picture frames and write the date and name of the person, or draw little chalk flowers around it, or give as a gift with a witty saying like, “Happy Birthday!”  I could paint small pieces of wood and use them with produce displays to state prices.  I could paint our antique dining room table!! I could get carried away.

4 thoughts on “Blackboard Doors (and other ideas with paint)

  1. Mark Pearce says:

    What a brilliant idea! You’re so creative and imaginative. I’m always excited to see what you’ll do next!

  2. What a great idea! Instead of having loose notes and reminders all over, I’m sure a chalkboard door would help me be much more organized 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      You’ll love it! It is so much fun!

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