New Arrival on Pumpkin Hollow Farm

newbornpapa and goatnew goatGuess who came early?  I don’t usually pull all the way to the back of our driveway but I had a bucket of grounds from the coffee shop to add to the compost pile before the cab of my truck took on the distinctive moldy coffee smell.  It wasn’t long after I noticed that the goats were in their igloo, odd for that time of day, that a tiny third head popped into view, then out again.

I yelled for Shyanne excitedly and we ran over to see the new baby who had just been born.  Placenta and mucous still present.  Shyanne swayed between cooing and ewwing while adoring the new addition who was not much bigger than a Chihuahua pup.  Nigerian Dwarf kids are incredibly tiny and impossibly cute!

Mama did good and is taking care of the infant.  We now wait for Loretta.  We are tired as one of us goes out every few hours through the night to make sure the new kid is okay.  She tends to wander from the igloo and get lost and is so small I fear a predator will swoop her up.  Just worrisome Mommy instincts, for there have been no issues.  Today she turns two days old.

This is one of the greatest joys of farming.

10 thoughts on “New Arrival on Pumpkin Hollow Farm

  1. Ohhh!!!! Your first goat kid!!!! How exciting!!! How adorable!!!
    And as I was typing my comment I realized that I didn’t know if you have a new doeling or buckling!!! But since you said “she” you must have a doeling. A future producer of milk on your farm.

    1. A wee little girl. She and Loretta’s twins are sold already if they are girls. We are too small to have any more adult goats! We will keep Katrina and Loretta for milk this year! The new baby is smaller than a Pomeranian. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness wrapped in a little bundle of goat baby!

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