Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

The sun rose strong this morning, filling the room with soft, life giving light.  Deceiving, however, as it hovers around -26 degrees as I write this.


Hell is not hot, folks, I am convinced that Hell is -26 degrees.  When I went out to feed the animals last night, the water in my eyes froze, my nose froze, my glove stuck to the chicken coop door.  And then to the chicken feed scoop.  The cat litter in the boxes froze in the back room, along with organic soda pop, and the cats’ water.


Outdoors along its frigid edge an intense beauty and peace appears.  It is crisp, clear, clean.  The sun rays dance its pink fingers across the expanse of snow, and I am mesmerized by the beauty of winter.  A winter that is so much colder than I have ever experienced in my life.  And one I hope will not repeat itself.  I find myself praying fervently to protect my animals.  Their breath caught in icy waves, I wish them warmth and a cozy living room.  I pray that this cold snap ceases.  I promise not to curse the heat this summer.  I will wear the sweat and heat with comfortable grins.  And know we are past this wretched cold.  Please help my animals make it.

All reminders that we are not in fact in charge or powerful enough to control anything here.  Mother Nature has final say.  We respect her.  We understand that negative temperatures could take the lives of our animals.  That a tornado could take our home away.  That a flood or hail storm could wipe out our plants.  But also that a sunny day can feel like renewal.  That light rain and mist can feel magical.  We live in awe of the seasons and do not despair, for in it all we grow stronger, we grow more humble, we grow more thankful.  We know that Spring will come.

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