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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

As a lot of you know, I wanted to be a nun when I was a teenager.  I love the portrayal of nuns in the movie, Trouble With Angels, and I have always liked the nuns I knew growing up.  But, God intended for me to be a wife, mom, and grandma.  Which is great, I am happy with that!  I started school to be a pastor some eight years ago, but again, it was not meant to be.  I was meant to be a farmer and a healer.  Not bad gigs.  I’ll take them.  I have studied a fair amount of religion though, and many different religions.

miracle painting

After death the Catholics believe that we head to Purgatory to work through things we have done and move towards heaven.  In Judaism they believe they must work for however long it takes to get through everything they did on earth that was wrong as well.  In many Native American religions it is believed that when we pass we become keenly aware of the effects of what we did on Earth.  How it affected people.  What we really did here.  I am sure it is an eye opener!  We learn to forgive ourselves and work through the healing process.  This is why we pray for our loved ones.  So that they can heal, forgive, work through what they need to, and move towards total peace and sanctity in heaven.

You see, most religions have the same underlying basis, the same ideals, the same God.  We are all the same.


When Mary was appearing in Medjugorje (a scientifically proven phenomenon) she said that the most people enter the gates of heaven on Christmas.  That always delights me when I think of it.  I will light a candle for our loved ones that we lost.  I can see them dancing through the pearly gates now.

Doug and I have collectively experienced six miraculous healings.  We have seen miracles on our travels.  We are in awe that we cannot explain everything.  Christmas is a time of awe.

This is a time of great joy.

Holiday card 2013

From our farm to yours, from our family to yours, we wish you miracles, healings, and the sense of peace and awe that comes with Christmas.  Merry, merry Christmas to you all.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, too!

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