Pumpkin Hollow Farm

Seven Years in Farmgirl School


The indoor farm is doing pretty good.  The tomato and pepper plants are a bit leggy and the basil looks like it misses summer.  It is time for some indoor plant R&R.


First bring a trash can around with you.  For each plant, take off dead leaves, branches, and debris that have settled in the pot.  Then give each plant a nice shower in the bathtub with lukewarm water.  It’ll think it is in the tropics and instantly begin to relax.  Spray the leaves, give it lots of good water, and let it drain well.


When putting the plants back, put them in a different spot or turn the plant so that everyone gets their fair share of sun.


Four days or so later when the pots are dry again, give a little organic fertilizer to each plant.  I like Age Old products (Age Old Grow, Age Old Bloom, etc.), they won’t harm my kitties who are not supposed to be in the plants….but are.

Ideally, we would give this treatment to the plants once a month.  Since I have a million things to do, maybe I’ll do it…once.  But, every little bit helps to keep the houseplants alive until summer comes around again!


Did you know that your leftover coffee is a nitrogen rich drink for plants?  I know plenty of folks that collect coffee grounds from coffee shops to put in their compost piles, but my Grandma taught me to use leftover coffee at the end of the pot to feed plants.  I take the leftover coffee in the pot, fill it to the top with water to dilute a bit, and water whoever needs it that day.

It looked like we were going to have an aphid problem again this year.  The lady bugs that I had placed in the pots seem to have hitched a ride to Florida.  But so did the aphids.  I gently placed a few spiders that fell out during the shower back into the pots.  Perhaps they have something to do with the insect free indoor gardens.  They can stay.

The aloe is busting out of its new pot, the chives are becoming casualties of the cats, and everything wishes for summer heat, but it is all alive.  Five more months until they (and I) can head back out to the porch!

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