The Off Grid Coffee Warmer

Coffee.  The fuel that runs this farm.  We do love coffee.  Emily’s boyfriend’s family owns a coffee roasting business.  Doug works at the coffee shop now.  And I drink enough to keep everyone in business!  I do not like coffee pots though,  kind of plasticky.  I told you all about this when I wrote about coffee presses and homestead coffee (click here to read about it).  The hands down best way to make coffee is in a coffee press.  But, it doesn’t stay warm long enough.  Doug tends to sleep later than I do and we like to pour a cup over the span of a few hours.  I tried a tea candle under a metal holder specific to keeping tea pots warm.  That works but since Doug uses quite a lot of milk in his coffee, the coffee just wasn’t hot enough.


Then I saw this in the back of my cupboard.  A simple carafe.  I pour the coffee into the carafe and it stays hot for hours.  So simple.  So off-grid friendly!  And so accessible.

Last night, we blocked off the porch to keep the alpacas off, secured the gate to keep the goats in their pasture, and went to bed.  This is what I woke up to.  I think I will pour another cup!


9 thoughts on “The Off Grid Coffee Warmer

  1. Very nice post. I discovered the French Press just about the time hubby and I moved to our little 3-acre piece of nature. A couple years later I saw a stainless steel carafe at a local shop that caters to the needs of the Amish. I bought one and five years later I bought a second….one for tea and one for coffee. I use them all the time. I was a military brat turned city gal for most of my life. Then 20 years ago we moved out “in-the-sticks”. Took a bit of getting used to but I sure do appreciate the serenity.

    Enjoy your country life. It truly can’t be beat.

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