Goats: Take 2!

petting goats

Most of you have read about our adventures with two of the most adorable goats (on the couch) that God ever put on this earth.  Less cute running down the street and through the fairgrounds and hanging out at the neighbor’s house.  For six weeks we bottle fed, adored, cuddled, cussed under our breath, and showed off our newborn goats at farmer’s markets.  They were fun, but we couldn’t keep them in the yard.  So, for their own safety and the sanity of our neighbors and ourselves, we sent them back to my friend, Jill’s house.  They went to a loving new home.


Fast forward four months.  The fence is higher, the holes in the field fence smaller, anything near the fence that can act as a spring board is put up.  A new gate separates two pastures.  The alpacas and chickens in one, the new goats in the other.  Their expensive weather proof igloo is in place and we are ready for our second try at goats.

new goats

Jill dropped off two of the most adorable goats (we think all animals are the most adorable), one expecting late February.  They follow us around the yard, let Maryjane pet them, and are very good tempered.  Not near as wild as the little buggers we had last summer, and not quite as loud.  They are content and playful, soft and sweet.

Look who wanted in this morning!
Look who wanted in this morning!

It’s beginning to look a lot like a farm around here!

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