Easy Halloween Costumes

The two storage boxes of costumes were given away a few years ago when the children decided they were too old for costumes.  It was filled with everything from my old cheerleading outfit from high school to feather boas, bandanas, cat ears and tail, masks, and tons of odds and ends to pull together great costumes in a pinch every year.  We rarely bought a costume.  Sometimes we just picked up odds and ends to complete a look.

One year the girls wore fancy dresses they had from a wedding.  Shyanne wore a mask over her eyes with feathers on it and lots of beads we brought back from New Orleans and was a “Mardi Gras Girl”.  The same year Emily wore her fancy dress, put a little blood on her face, donned a crown and was “Bloody Mary”.  Andrew wore his regular clothes, added a vest and a bandana and became an instant pirate, eye patch and all.  Or the time we picked up some items from the thrift store and turned Andrew into a little old lady!  He had little grey shoes, an old dress, a grey wig, spectacles, pantyhose, and a walker.  It was hilarious!  They have had some great costumes over the years.  I loved Emily’s chicken costume that she had one year.  White shorts and shirt over red tights, dishwashing gloves as feet, and a long feather boa surrounding her tiny frame made her a great chicken!

SAM_0065 (2)

The kids are pretty well grown up now and Doug and I are left to our own devices.  The Harvest Festival on Main street where our shop stood always invites us to don our best attire and at the last minute we don’t disappoint.  One year Doug could not think of a thing to wear so he simply wore his bathrobe and stuck a few of my curlers in his hair.  Laughter met him everywhere, and still to this day that is the costume folks remember him in.

Putting a costume together is easy.  One needn’t spend a fortune purchasing a costume.  It also seems that the costumes geared for women are all a little…ahem…chilly.  Can’t go trick or treating with half your clothes on.


Long skirts and shawls can be put together and instantly transform you into a pioneer girl with the help of a bonnet, a witch if you should find an inexpensive witch hat, a larger feathered hat makes you old time high society, a bun makes you a school marm.  White face paint makes you dead.  Always an easy costume fix.  You could wear anything, paint your face white and be a dead painter, chef, housewife, witch.


Doug wore his kilt last year and with the help of Emily’s makeup magic (white paint included) became a dead Celtic gentleman.  I was a dead Celtic woman (who may have been a witch, but there really was no proof) thanks to my own dead looking makeup, long skirts and corset, plus a head band that looked like a witch hat.


This year we were gypsies.  Doug was wearing his own button down shirt and jeans.  I added the vest that my mother made me.  The other side is of a cow and farm scene; turned inside out it became a gypsy vest.  He wore my sash around his middle and a bandana around his head.  I put a sarong around my head, wore multiple shirts and my high heeled black boots.  Lots of black eyeliner and bling completed the look. We didn’t have to buy a thing.


There are so many fun items you could put together, even if you are just answering the door for trick-or-treaters!

We’ll be in bed early this Halloween after we go with Emily to take Maryjane trick-or-treating.  We have an early flight Friday so I won’t be wearing a ton of gypsy makeup the night before!  I found a shirt for two dollars that says, “This is Grandma’s Costume”.  I will be a grandma for Halloween!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bill says:

    I love that chicken costume. Using the gloves for chicken feet was brilliant! 🙂

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thanks! I think I must have read it in Martha Stewart or something. She was a cute little chicken.

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