Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien

“I think I just saw a dragon,” I hesitantly told Emily.


Now, I know you are thinking what I was thinking when I thought I saw a dragon.  I need to take a break…or get a drink.  Or, perhaps dragons are actually real.  It’s funny what your mind races around thinking when it tries to figure something out.  Racing through files of memories and education to find the proper conclusion.

Last night, I was carrying my really old farm dog outside and as I stepped off the porch I noticed something different in the air.  The tree in the yard was shaking.  I stopped to listen and watch.  The moon was dim, for I couldn’t see it, and the stars were very bright against the black, cloudless sky.  From behind the house the street light could not be seen so in the dark these scenes played out.  I watched to see if it were the wind.  Perhaps the breeze was idly dancing leaves off the tree.  But the sky was still.  Wood smoke on its wings, the air crisp and fresh, a proper Autumn evening was present as I took a deep breath in.  My eyes struggled to make out images in the dark, in the shadows.

I am well aware that in this kind of country dark, one can make out the most intriguing figures and crazy ideas out of nothing but shadows and wildlife sounds.  Especially around Halloween.  One begins to regret watching horror movies as a child.  I laughed off anything scary and went back to examining the dancing tree.  My eyes caught a sight above, the sky blacking out in the shape of wings.  The figure was so large that I could see an actual void in the sky as its large frame covered the stars.  It wasn’t very high up, but it seemed so giant that I imagined it might be a plane, but alas it was lower.  It was far too big to be the hawks we see regularly.  I was baffled.  My mind out of ideas.

So, I concluded that it was a dragon.  Emily replied rather nonchalantly, “Oh, that?  Bret and his friend saw it when they went hunting the other day.  They looked it up and found out it was a Golden Eagle.  The wingspan is eight feet long.  She has a baby with her who’s wingspan is five feet long!  The mom was bigger than their truck!”

Oh yes, an eagle of course.


I have viewed in the wild eagles only a few times in my life and always in the daytime and never quite that large.  I wish I could have seen the two in the light.  I bet they are a breathtaking sight to see.  A bit of untouched nature flying overhead in the midst of our built up world.  Perhaps dragons were made up after viewing eagles.

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