Farmgirl School

"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


Holidays are filled with memories, photographs, and reasons to smile.  Each year changing slightly.  New traditions being made.  This picture was taken fourteen years ago before taking the cutest kids in the world out trick-or-treating.  This year I have been invited to accompany Emily and Bret while they take the newest cute kid out haunting.  The other picture is this year’s Pumpkin Festival I told you about.  No Andy, as he was on a trip with his friend.  But, Shyanne and Emily, Bret for two years now has graced the pictures, and this year, their lovely daughter, who has added a whole new dimension to holiday fun!  Now, a lovely, festive poem to get you in the spirit!


The Spookables are coming.

they’re coming to the door,

looking for some candy,

and just a little horror!

In the dark they run around,

their laughter fills the air.

Miniature monsters free,

new identities they wear.

Sweets, smiles, ’tis Halloween night,

oh, what fun to behold!

Jack ‘o lanterns ablaze,

an eve of spooks young and old!

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