Fall Homestead


This is what I woke up to.  A wonderland of white.  At two o’clock this morning when Bumble had to go out for his nightly “keep coyotes away from the chicken coop” run, it was a thick, glorious fog.  The plants all brushed with feathery, cool snow this morning puts a smile on my face.  I love seasons.


The forecast calls for near seventy degrees by Sunday, so it is a fleeting joy (which is good; still have lots to do around here and I will have had enough of snow and cold by April!).  Fall brings its own fun to-do list for farms.  The pumpkins are ready to harvest.  This is a small portion of our harvest!



I am waiting patiently (we’re talking six months here, folks) for the Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower to get done so I can eat them already.  Perhaps I should start them indoors next spring.


The annuals will need to be pulled up (we’ll leave the sunflowers for the birds) and placed in the compost pile.  The finished compost will be spread on the empty beds.


Potatoes, radishes, and more greens can be harvested.  We already took a few heads of sunflowers for our own stash.  Everything else is pretty well done.  Just need to can some more beans and potatoes.

We’ll need to mow the lawn one last time.  With vegetables growing everywhere throughout the lawn, the grass has grown about two feet tall.  It has been gracious of the town not to mention anything because a lawn mower wasn’t going to fit in the pumpkin patch!


My favorite activity will occur this month.  Planting bulbs.  Seas of daffodils will be folded into the ground as an alarm clock for spring.  A long row of corn will become a long row of garlic (I won’t lose it this time, I swear!).  Beds covered in straw will replace the flourishing plants.  Snow will gently fall and give the land, and the farmers a little rest.


We’ll be watching football with Maryjane if you need us! (Go Broncos!)

9 thoughts on “Fall Homestead

      1. Don’t be jealous! Every place has a beauty all it’s own. We lived many years in the west (Colorado) and we have to admit that it’s hard to beat for beauty! Snow is pretty too, all white and fluffy. What I really meant is that I don’t think I’m any longer acclimated to such cold weather!

  1. It’s a great time of year. We’ll be harvesting our sweet potatoes this week and we have lots of fall goodies starting to arrive. But we’re still waiting on our broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts too. I hope yours (and ours) are worth the wait.

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