Preserving for Baby (and for soup!)


We had already preserved carrots, and broccoli, green beans, and peaches.  We got a few more bags from another farm that we wanted to turn into baby food.  We were on a time crunch to make it happen before it went to waste.  We had a long to-do list of other chores to get done and there really wasn’t enough to can, so we tried something else.

We started with green beans.  We cooked them for a few minutes in boiling water and drained them.  When they cooled a bit, we put them in the food processer.  Then we poured the puree into cocktail size ice cube trays.  Two ounces, perfect!

Then we repeated the process with the broccoli.  The next morning, the cubes were solid and we transferred them to freezer bags.  Labeled, of course!  Stuff looks suspiciously similar come early spring!

We did the same thing with the carrots and simply pureed the peaches.

We have some jars of baby food that we thought to make while we were canning, Asian pears, apple sauce, squash.  We can easily puree any of the canned items we have already put up.  We can feed her quite a bit of our own meals squished up.  But, this will be nice for Emily.  She simply has to defrost some cubes overnight and will have baby food at the ready.

As I was putting away cubes of carrots, I thought this would be a great way to store extra vegetables coming out of the garden.  Not quite enough to can, but certainly enough to add flavor and extra vegetables to soups and other recipes throughout the winter.

Just one more way to preserve the bounty!

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