Autumn’s Face

The chill in the air awakens again A peaceful fog has just rolled in Pull my flannel closer, a warm embrace Take in Autumn’s beautiful face The leaves are donning their new painted cloaks From Wood Vine to the grand old Oaks Sienna, Gold, Crimson, brilliant dresses Trees showing off their bold tresses Warm sun peeks through, shines on my upturned … More Autumn’s Face

Farmgirl Business

Now, I don’t mean business as in financial business.  Though every good farmgirl should know how to create and run a business as well as keep a household running for under $25K a year.  I am meaning personal business.  I know we farmgirls are busy gardening, canning, working, keeping a family together, cleaning the house, taking … More Farmgirl Business

To Screw or Cork…

A few years back we were sitting in an upscale wine bar, twinkly lights abounded, a joyful dancing fire warmed in the large fireplace,  It was our monthly wine tasting event and we were cozy with the owner at a table as people milled around sampling, catching up on the month’s events.  I came back to the … More To Screw or Cork…


The sun came out and bounced off the crystal droplets that held fast to the plants in a great display of shimmer.  The water evaporated and the plants took a great breath of the fresh autumn air.  We headed out in sweaters with baskets to see what Mother Nature had left us.  Like Easter morning, … More Harvest

To Become a Farmer

To become a farmer you must have an overwhelming desire to feed yourself, your family, and part of the city.  You must have an intense desire to teach young people where their food comes from (and adults…a woman came up to my friend’s farm booth at the market and asked why the carrots had dirt on them … More To Become a Farmer