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wood stove 2

I try to not to get the “gimmies”.  Gimme this and gimme that.  I try to be content with what I have.  But, folks, I am trying to be a homesteader here and I am missing a major component to success!  I have the gimmies.  I am not afraid to admit it.  I want a wood stove.  The owners placed a lovely metal roof over the existing chimney so I cannot figure a way to put one in at this house.  Besides, I am renting and that is a lot of dough to spend.  But, I will never be a proper homesteader without the wood stove.

Imagine, a cold and blustery eve, warm in our home with cups of hot chocolate and cozy, woolen sweaters.  A book being read by lamplight.  The power goes out (often enough) and you can bet your apron strings that lamp light is not going to keep the house warm for very long!  No stove, no heat.  This bothers me.  So does the electric and gas bill.

wood stove

To be able to supply my own heat and know that a Dutch oven can be placed on the top of the stove with beans simmering in rich broth, a kettle of water for coffee or tea, a fire blazing providing security…..ahh.  I am missing a wood stove.  A homesteader’s necessity!

(The first picture is from Mother Earth News.  My dream kitchen!)

10 thoughts on “Homesteader’s Necessity

  1. Have you checked your local craigslist? There are often reasonably priced wood stoves in our local craigslist. The problem, and much of the cost, comes with all the pipe needed to exhaust it up and outside. Good luck.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I found some great deals, but permits, knocking holes out to get the pipe in and the pipe itself….it’s on the next homestead list of must haves! A wood stove!

      1. Yeah, that is what we found when we put a small wood stove at our pole barn. The pipe to vent it correctly cost more than the wood stove.

      2. Norris says:

        Hi Katie, I have some triple insulaled chimney if you ever get a stove.
        Uncle Norris

      3. Farmgirl says:

        Thank you!! We’ll see if we can make it work in this house. Miss you guys!

  2. Ahh, I know just what you mean. We put back/uncovered the open fire in the lounge but I’d do anything to have a proper solid fuel stove in the kitchen. Keep that dream alive!

  3. I feel your pain. I have been lobbying the Mrs. for a few years for a wood stove. With my wife with not getting paid over the past year, my gimme list has kind of disappeared. With heating oil prices sky-rocketing and super storms like Sandy (no power for 11-days) a stove is a necessity not a luxury. Once we are out of the mess we’re in and the new baby arrives in December, we’ll be considering an addition on the house and it will incorporate a wood stove.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I agree! Good luck getting one this year!

  4. Mike says:

    We are also looking for something to supplement, if not completely take over our costly oil burner. Pellet stoves are a choice but part of me doesn’t want to be dependent on suppliers of pallets of pellets, and it requires AC (at least most of the time). We do have a back up generator, but that will go as long as the fuel, and Sandy proved that could get ugly quick. Love the one featured here as our best placement is in the kitchen. Thanks.

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