Conquering the Root Cellar


314…..Items preserved so far this year.  Still have much to do!  I am expecting the best but preparing for the worst and if winter is a little lean, then by golly, we will have food!


Today, however, I have to go clean out the root cellar before I can fit anything else in there.  (Now, mind you, it’s not a real root cellar.  It’s one of those dark, creepy basements in a hundred year old house.  It keeps precisely ten degrees cooler than upstairs.  If I ever get a homestead with a real root cellar, I will flip out and do the happy dance.)  Today, I am expecting to encounter piles of deflated squash that were so pretty that I had to store them to eat later but alas, we didn’t.  A five gallon bucket of beets.  Oy, what is it with me and beets?  I preserve and store a ton of them but don’t even like them that much!  I have some missing carrots in sand somewhere down there too.  Who knows what preserves I have from last year because I just started stacking the new stuff with the old stuff.  I have peas on that shelf and green beans over there.  And more green beans up there and lots of “syrup” from two years ago (I have now mastered jam…).  Today, we conquer and organize.


I made a spread sheet this year with the help of my computer savvy hubby.  Tomatoes-40, Hot peppers- 4, Beets- 8 (what the heck?), Peas- 18….

I also listed how many I still need to can, freeze, or cellar.  And a column for next year of how many are left.  We ran out of tomatoes in February.  Eek.  We ran out of peppers in April.  Not good.  If I ever see another jar of canned zucchini…yuck.  I’ll be better prepared next year to know what to preserve.

In the meantime, I will procrastinate just a tad longer and have another cup of coffee.  The deflated squash will wait for me.