To Impress a Hummingbird


She fluttered onto the porch to say good morning as we enjoyed our coffee and books.  We had so diligently kept the sugar water feeder filled for her.  Then we were so busy that after awhile the feeder remained empty.  Yet, there she was, our summer princess, the hummingbird, visiting.  She went to the pots of petunias that line the porch rail and took a drink.  Then to the yarrow.  The motherwort.  The oregano.  Flitting to and fro around the apothecary garden dancing from plant to plant.  She drank her morning nectar and with a thank you and a little buzz, off she went with her mate.


I began to rethink my prior ideas.  In an earlier post, I had told all about how to make the sugar water, how often to change it, how to keep the hummingbirds near.  But, when I saw her drinking from the plants, a sudden ridiculous thought came to me.  She doesn’t need my sugar water.  It is really probably not very good for her tender frame anyways, and she does seem to enjoy my herb garden ever so much more.  Instead of giving her the equivalent of crack for birds, I think I will plan more flowers and plants that give her sustenance and us hours of enjoyment watching.  When the plants fade, she will know it is time to fly south.  A most natural balance and one that, even though it seems obvious, needed to be brought to light.