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"It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." -Tolkien


I cannot believe how amazing my quarter acre garden is this year.  Twenty years of gardening, and I finally have the garden I thought up in January!  At this altitude, I have never seen corn over seven feet tall as it is now.  I have a pumpkin that is almost ready and it is early August!  I am usually begging it to hurry up and ripen before the frost.  Now, the Jack Be Little pumpkins are nearly ready to harvest!  We have been blessed with rain.


I know in other areas of the country where farming comes easy the rain has created flooding and crops are failing.  I feel bad about that, but we are reveling in the increased precipitation this year.  In Colorado, after so many years of drought and hail that has left us virtually fruitless, we are a veritable oasis right now.  Never have I seen the grass (okay, weeds, whatever) so green in August.  Never have I seen the trees flourishing this late in summer.  There is no comparison between rain water and sprinklers.  Rain water is superior and we are finally seeing a great amount of it.  Pumpkin Hollow Farm is spectacular this year and we are thankful for the rain!





One thought on “Colorado Oasis

  1. debweeks says:

    Gardening can be a blessing and curse. So glad you are reaping blessings this year.

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