Garden Breakfast


We usually eat hot cereal with cinnamon, dried fruit, and nuts in it for breakfast.  Or slices of homemade bread, butter and jam.  Or eggs scrambled with fish and potatoes.  Heavier fare to strengthen us and get us on our way.  But the other day, I was walking through the garden early and noticed a lovely red tomato.  First big tomato of the season and thought, ‘why not?’  Sliced red tomatoes with freshly minced basil and sea salt.  Fresh, delicious fruit.  Eggs from the coop hard boiled.  A few salty olives.  Maybe even corn on the cobb!  One of the pleasures of summer eating is the variety and getting out of the “what to have for a meal” rut!  There is no reason not to have tomatoes and basil for breakfast!  I ought to do it more.