Saving Water

Kiowa, Colorado was on the cover of the Denver Post a bit back for making an especially bad decision.  In the early 2000’s, they were just so certain that the whole world was going to come out and develop and live in our quaint community (pop. 700) that they voted to build a water tower the size of France.  Then the economy crashed (and burned) and the population 700 (350 of whom live in a mobile home park) were left with the bill.

water tower 2

People are no longer growing gardens, no victory gardens here, no corn, no crops to sustain us through the cold winter.  Water is too high.  We are one of the silly ones who continue to water because I am practicing to be a farmer and really want to have crops!  My bill last month for my quarter acre garden was $176.  Making my bags of lettuce $20 a piece.  Well, three dollars, but they should be twenty dollars!

This month has been brutal work-wise.  We are tired.  We have a new habit though of getting an iced cold glass from the freezer, filling it with cold beer, and watering the plants by hand while verbally catching up on what needs to be done next.  I was unsure if we were watering enough, but upon the poor man’s caliber (a finger stuck in to the dirt), we are wet two inches down.  We water with the sprinklers about once every two weeks to make sure all the surrounding bushes and trees get a good watering.

This month the town alerts me that my bill will not be so high!  Hallelujah!  Just by hand watering, we saved 5000 gallons of water!  (Now, I understand that not all of us have time to water a bazillion acres, but at least part of it with a cold beer?)  So, hand watering and a minute of rest will save us money and possibly sanity.  We’ll drink to that!  Here’s to twenty dollar lettuce.