Seconds Please! (planting fall crops)


I know, I know, I am two weeks late (and a dollar short!).  I have fallen so far behind it may actually be last summer now!  If we want fresh veggies in the fall, I best get out there and plant them.  Plus it irritates me to see blank spaces in my garden.  If something has quit producing it needs a replacement, for we are very hungry in this house!  And I am having fun showing off my vegetables at markets.


One thing I am curious about is how the early spring crops will do in the fall.  As you can see, post heat waves, rain storms, and flea beetles, the cabbage and cauliflower have seen brighter days.  They certainly don’t look like the beautiful picture on the seed packet!  I wonder if they will fare better starting now and ending in the coolness of fall.   Only time will tell.  To be honest, every year prior to this one, I have forgotten to plant fall crops.  This will be my first go at it.


I weeded the areas that were without plants.  Then I added a good slathering of compost.  My compost never looks like the pictures of black gold.  Mine has chunks of corn cobs and the occasional egg shell.  Mine is lumpy.  Mine smells so good I could take a taste (though I probably shouldn’t), so I know it is done.  It smells so heady with summer and growth I could keel over with joy.  Okay, I am getting out of hand.  Sprinkle the compost on the planting area generously and rake or hoe it in.


A good watering is in order now.  Best to do it before the seeds are put in.  If you plant in the dry soil then water afterwards you risk washing away your precious seeds and that is sad.

I was in a whimsical mood, apparently, for I planted the cauliflower a foot apart for three rows then made tick tack toe lines between them and planted radishes.  A lovely checkerboard patter may ensue.  I did that with other veggies too.  I planted more cabbage, and lettuce.  I planted three areas with spinach.  I think I got carried away.  Doug asked if I planted more kale.  Whoops.  I was having too much fun planting spinach, as ours in the spring came up and promptly bolted!  More herbs went in and some Brussels sprouts.  We’ll see what all comes up and if it likes the hotter turning to cooler days.


It seems like this will work better.  Lots of heat and sunshine to germinate, rain, and then cooler temperatures as it tries to mature into edible delicacies.

I will now thumb my nose at the flea beetles, do the rain dance, and wait for the next crop to come up like a kid on Christmas eve.

Is it up yet?

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