The Loveliness of Dark


Driving through the rain last night, the darkness surrounding our vehicle, the only light was glimmering off of storm clouds.  Gentle pattering of rain created a soothing sound in our midst.  A small frog crossed the road in front of us heading toward the creek which is often dry this time of  year.  Frogs crossing the road are not an every day appearance.

When we drove into our town, the power was out after a lightening strike and the entire place held an eerie feel to it.  We had stepped back in time (save for the vehicle) and into an enchanting hundred year old town.  It seemed that the power going out did something else to the town…held it in silence.  It was completely quiet except for one thing….the cacophony of  frogs.  Louder than I have ever heard frogs.  Their musical aria deepened the storm filled air.  The sky tinged with pink and grey.  Lightening in the distance.  Soft rain drops on my face.  Frogs singing us into another world.

Usually when the power goes out we panic because we have no way to heat the house and it is usually a deep freeze winter storm. But tonight in the cooling breezes of a sweet summer night, the power outage was a welcome relief.  Peaceful.  Restful.  I wished I could see the stars sans clouds.  Oftentimes I am tired of electricity and light pollution.

We put the animals up and came into the dark house.  We lit our oil lamps and read by lamp light…as if we were there a hundred years ago.

2 thoughts on “The Loveliness of Dark

  1. Nice! That sounds so peaceful. It’s amazing how much noise we have around us that we don’t even pay attention to. Too bad it was cloudy, it’s amazing how many stars God put up there. A moonless night away from city lights can be a mind boggling, neck crinking evening.

    1. It seems that it has been a long time since I have truly seen a sky full of stars. We have a lot more stars than the city but it’s been a long time since I saw a sky full of stars so close you could touch them!

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