The Unexpected Homesteader’s Tool

Unassuming little thing, isn’t it?  I sure didn’t give it much credit.  We got it at the dollar store to use in the shop as a cheap can opener.


A woman walked in and asked if we knew where she could buy one like it since she was staying in the RV park and needed it….to open jars of canned goods.  I was about to offer her mine when my brain clicked in.  Say what?  I have been actively tearing and breaking nails for five years opening canned goods.  You mean that opens them?

I took it home straight away and opened a jar of pickles.  In two seconds.  It was amazing!

You can open a can of something.  Puncture a touch container or wrapper.  Open a beer.  Or open a jar of pickles.  This is something all homesteaders need!  And it works when the electricity goes out.