Affordable Fencing (and pasture rotation)


I have a lovely dream of a freshly painted house, garage/”barn”, and chicken coop.  Surrounded by lines of crisp white picket fencing.  I priced it out.  Over a thousand dollars.  Now, I need to be realistic.  I did not come into any money and this is a farm.  Vinyl it is.  For around $300 I can fence in everywhere I want.  The deer fencing is doing great but it won’t trick the goats or the greyhound, so a real fence needed to go up.  Doug pounded in the t-posts, I helped hold up the roll of vinyl fencing while he tied it on with wire.  He hammered railroad ties in between the posts into the ground to discourage going under the fence and whallah!  A new pasture for the goats, dogs, and chickens.

The front yard will get the same to keep folks from trampling the arms of the pumpkins and cutting through the yard in the dark.

I love the idea of rotational grazing where the animals stay in one area for a few weeks then move to the next.  It keeps the area fresh from having rest and doesn’t get overly trampled or eaten.  I can move the animals to the main area, the new pasture, and in the front yard in the winter.  That will stop traffic!  (“Was that an alpaca or a funny looking Afghan hound?”)  We can do pasture rotation even on a small scale.  The garage door opens into either pasture!


There is a lot of non-dangerous junk that has accumulated from past tenants that has become a bit of a playground.  Bumble is having a great time exploring the new digs, the goats follow him and play on tree stumps, I think I lost a chicken in the locust trees back there, and there is lots of tall grass to play in.  (Instead of the back porch where we like to jump on our old, small dog, and tear up the table cloth!)