Clash of the Farm and City (true story)

rooster soap

Okay, these things really happened last week.  This is how you know if someone is not a farmgirl.

1. Someone walked up to the booth and asked Nancy if our goat’s milk soap was moldy cheese. (Doesn’t look like Ivory soap, I guess.)

2. I have counted at least twenty people come up to the booth at the farmer’s market and ask, “What is that?”  The answer?  Lettuce.

3. I said to Nancy, “I wonder if the market is slow because the weather is 40% chance of dry thunder storms, 96 degrees, and wind at 12 miles per hour.”  “I don’t think anyone else looks at the weather as closely as we do.”  I still think it was slow because of the heat!


4. Emily was walking our baby goat, Jovie, down the aisle at the farmer’s market and a family stopped and said, “Look!  A dog!”  Emily said, “No, this is a goat.”  They gave her a bewildered look and said, “Nooo, that is a dooog.”  “Okay.” was Emily’s annoyed answer.


Now, how to know you are a farmgirl.

1.  Your feet are not clean from mid-May through mid-October.  Flip flops and farming leave very dirty feet.  Go ahead and take a shower, in five minutes you will be back in the dirt.

2.  A goat peeing on your dress is a regular occurrence and one you deal with with grace and dignity.

3. You throw diatomaceous earth on small black bugs eagerly eating your cruciferous vegetables and with an evil, uncharacteristic laugh, yell, “Die Bastards!!!”

4.  You know when the sun rises and are ready for bed when the sun sets. (But of course  you have way too much to do.)

5. The electricity going out excites and challenges you.

6.  You walk your goats into a bar. (True story.  Happened today.)

May we all find our inner farmer.

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  1. I used to hike with my goats and had several people ask what kind of dog they were. A lot of other people wanted me to stop so they could take pictures.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      The goats have been highly photographed at the farmers markets and at Starbucks yesterday! We walked them on leashes from the market to get some coffee and had quite a few second looks!

  2. byjhmae says:

    My favorite tidbit about a city dweller is about the one who honestly didn’t know potatoes were grown in the ground. True story.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I can totally believe that!

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m so confused by the people that thought Jovie was a dog. They must live in an area with seriously odd looking dogs…. But anyhow, Jovie is beautiful and growing!

    1. byjhmae says:

      I met a couple from Philadelphia who’d never seen a sheep before… I can’t wrap my head around that. Anyway, I’ve always wanted a goat – they’re adorable!

      1. Farmgirl says:

        I must have seen all of these animals growing up in the city because I always visited petting zoos and took my children to them. I wonder if that is the only way that kids in the city meet animals. And at the farmers market!

    2. Farmgirl says:

      I love how they argued with Emily. They must think she is one strange and sad girl thinking she has a goat!

  4. debweeks says:

    Look at the dog! LOL!!!!!

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